Photo by Gloribell Lebron

Home decor to help your space fall into the new season

Decorating for fall is one of the best parts of holiday season prep. From picking out pumpkins and gourds to trading out summery candles for richer scents, not to mention adding more subdued floral arrangements to the dining table, fall decor is all about making the house a little more cozy.

Local shops are also gearing up for the season–rolling out home decor items and accessories that are bound to find their way into our shopping carts before the season ends:

For when you want pumpkins without the mess:

Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins on the porch, or in a statement bowl in the living room. However, all good things must come to an end, and the lifespan of a pumpkin is no exception. In order to combat having to trade out live pumpkins every few weeks, The Foyer is offering these handmade velvet pumpkins that are sure to look fabulous all season long.

For when you’re stirring up the witch’s brew:

I know I’m not the only one that seems to have a hand towel for every occasion or holiday, right? This cute accessory really puts the fun in functional. Not only does it look cute hanging from an oven handle, it’s always handy when theres a a mess that needs cleaning ASAP.

For autumn door decor:

It’s time to ditch your bright summer door decor and exchange it for something a little more neutral. This magnolia leaf wreath looks classic and elegant when paired with a cream-colored ribbon, while paying homage to the beauty of the Louisiana state flower.

For when fall means football:

For many of us, football fever and school spirit are at their peak during the fall. These limited-edition school watercolor prints are a subtle way to show off your campus pride in a neutral and warm-toned way.

For freshening up your living space:

One of the easiest ways to make a seasonal and cost-effective change in your home is by trading out throw pillows. Throw pillows can completely transform the look of a room without having to change out furniture or wall color. Plus, it’s not hard to find cute pillows, like the ones feature here, at every price point.

Plan on adding any of these fall pieces to your space? Let us know what your favorite fall decor pieces are in the comments below.