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Celeb style: George Strait’s Texas mansion

Those long-serenaded by the twangy voice of George Strait might rethink a pilgrimage to Amarillo and think about heading to San Antonio instead, where the country singer’s adobe mansion has been put on the market for $7.5 million. Purchased in the mid-’90s by Strait and his wife, Norma, the land is located in the Dominion Country Club neighborhood of San Antonio. The couple called on the talents of sculptor-turned-architect Bill Tull and his team to construct the 7,925-square-foot mansion overlooking the scenic views of Texas Hill Country. The main residence features three bedrooms and six baths, and a casita featuring one bedroom and bath, living room and kitchenette.

A home whose elements blend seamlessly into the property, structures like the 14 hand-sculpted fireplaces act almost as sculptural elements as well as functional heating systems. A theme of warmth and nature reverberates throughout the home, found especially in places like the kitchen, dining venues, paved terraces and even the gym, with a steamy sauna to accompany it. The master suite includes separate his-and-hers bathrooms and closets, and even two separate fireplaces.

From the saguaro cactus rib shutters and walls of imported adobe, this master bedroom exudes warmth—an element that Baton Rouge-based interior designer Allyson Hicks is plenty familiar with. Like the earthy color palette and natural materials found in this bedroom, Hicks’ designs feature a similar quality that makes a place feel like home. To capture that essence, we reached out to Hicks to hear her tips on achieving a similar style filled with warmth and comfort.

See Hick’s tips alongside more rooms from the Texas mansion below:

• Using your ceiling in such a bold way can be a great way to add texture and personality to your space. To go as bold as George Strait did, I would make sure the room has ample natural light and tall ceilings. Opting out of using traditional moldings around doors and windows was a bold and appropriate move.

• To create a neutral palette but with a splash of color, I would stick with one color and then use different shades. This gives some life to the otherwise neutral palette but doesn’t overpower to beauty of the natural elements.

• ​When choosing art/decor for this style of room, I would select furniture pieces that would not compete with the ceiling or flooring. They were smart with the nightstands and headboard not being wood grained. For the artwork, the black and white pieces were a safe choice but art is so personal. I could also see a more bold modern choice working beautifully.