The exotic hideaway of Rigsby Frederick

Photo by Mark Bienvenu

Rigsby and Sarah Frederick share their home

“It’s Costa Rica by the bayou,” says Rigsby Frederick of the guesthouse he and his wife Sarah call the Palmetto House. Set at the edge of Bayou Fountain, the structure has become a destination for visitors from around the country.

quote 222The lazy pace of the bayou water seems to encourage visitors to this handcrafted hideaway to slow down for a while, to block out the rest of the world and savor the silence. That’s just what Sarah and Rigsby had in mind when they first began sharing this unique dwelling, positioned a few hundred yards behind their own home in a neighborhood off Highland Road, with friends and family. And now the two-story guesthouse is available for short stints to anyone seeking their own Louisiana-style escape. Read the full story from inRegister‘s July issue by Kelli Bozeman and view more photos.