Photo courtesy GW Oliver Construction

Dive into a poolside paradise

One thing that makes these humid Louisiana summers worth the suffering? Houses with backyard pools. While families in states farther north may have their uneven share of a temperate July, they don’t have the nearly year-long ability to take a dip any time they want, and they don’t have yards pulled straight out of a spa getaway ad.

“It’s understood that your pool should be aesthetically stunning,” says Joey Moore, a pool and outdoor living designer for GW Oliver Construction. “Your pool builder’s plan for the structural integrity is often secondary, and it shouldn’t be. The cost to construct a new pool is relative to future costs incurred if it’s not built correctly.”

Just make sure that your pool’s design works in tandem with the foliage and layout of the rest of the yard or patio space. A pool, after all, like a sea on the sand, should seem like a natural addition, not a maintenance-heavy eyesore.

“Prior to selecting a builder for your next project, you may want to confirm the builder has a diverse portfolio, credible references, clear warranty period on the pool structure, reputation for responsiveness to warranty issues after the sale, and is insured properly,” says Moore.

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