Photo courtesy Texture BR.

Feast your eyes: Local picks for presenting a picturesque meal

For those of us who continue to dread the unbeatable heat each year in Louisiana, the mental shift that comes with the holiday season begins not in the aftermath of Thanksgiving but at the start of October, when planning ahead for costumes, dinners and dreamy nights by the fire lends a small sense of optimism for cool days ahead. Part of that fun means polishing up Pinterest boards with new recipe ideas, DIY decor and the perfect playlists for family dinners or socially distant catch-ups on the porch—especially if fancy serveware is involved. This season, we have our eyes on a few fall picks from local boutiques that understand that a meal’s presentation accounts for half the taste.

Beatriz Ball is the name of the game in New Orleans-based, handmade and sustainable tableware, and Texture is playing its best hand with this Sierra Modern collection of gold-tone serving accessories crafted to reflect summer sun or Christmas twinkling with equal verve.

If your style is less forged-in-the-mines-of-the-Misty-Mountain and more chiseled-for-the-table-of-King-Triton, then Annieglass may be a fitting alternative. These selections from Custom Linens add interest to a tabletop without overshadowing the dainty dishes we’re already imagining alongside them.

For an even more local pick, we’re mad for the magnolias on this handmade serving dish from Baton Rouge-based Amanda Proctor Ceramics, with its smooth, white glaze and silky finish. Perfect for the plan-ahead types willing to wait for luxury, these handmade serving bowls require a preorder 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

Maybe you’re a recipe repeater with a soft spot for regional cuisine. If so, these gumbo dishes from The Royal Standard await your next autumn weekend of below-70 weather, some cozy table linens and a big ol’ spoon for slurping.

With in-person football games less of a possibility for most people this year, an afternoon huddled around the living room television might be made a bit more special with the right details. Sale or no sale, these LSU-themed serving bowls from Rickey Heroman’s will live out their investment for years of games to come.