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Designer tip: How to be the ultimate holiday host with Aimee Walker

Aimee Walker. Photo courtesy Aimee Walker Interiors.

What are the holidays without dozens of friends and family coming over? Whether it’s your siblings stopping by or in-laws crashing for the week, making your loved ones feel at home is the ultimate goal of every holiday host. Yes, playing the perfect host sounds like an unforgiving, stressful task, but it certainly does not have to be. Aimee Walker of Aimee Walker Interiors shared with us her top tips and ticks for perfecting the party host role.

“When I have guests staying overnight for the holidays, I always want to make sure that they feel at home. Most people will not feel comfortable going through your pantry or cabinets if they are an early riser and wake up hungry or thirsty,” Walker says.

Before guests arrive, spruce up the rooms with fresh flowers or a scented candle, make sure each room has enough available outlets, and double check the bulbs in each lamp, Walker says. When they arrive, show them where everything is located.

Aside from freshening up her home by washing bed sheets and linens, Walker ensures that her guests are provided with anything they may need from a place to set their suitcase to a sweet welcome basket chalked full of water bottles, snacks and a little welcome note that includes the wifi guest password. Also, a small wrapped gift is always nice touch, she says.

For bathrooms, Walker recommends creating a basket filled with essentials like fresh towels, scented soaps and lotions, shampoo and conditioner, bath salts. Place the basket either on the counter or near the tub.

“This is especially good for guests who do not have their own bathroom,” Walker says. “It will prevent them from having to search through your cabinets looking for what they need.”

In the kitchen, provide guests with a breakfast, snack and coffee station allowing them to easily help themselves. This is especially useful in making early risers feel at home, she says.

Along with these savvy stations, it is helpful to plan menus that you can prepare ahead of time and easily heat up. This will prevent you from being stuck in the kitchen while everyone is visiting. To also maximize your time with guests, make sure all your decorating, wrapping and other holiday chores are crossed off your list, allowing you to relax and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

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