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Designer Tip: Tobi Fairley on trends that last

When thinking of how to decorate a new home or redecorate an old space, modern trends and never-before-seen artistry can be fun to study and incorporate, but that doesn’t mean that either should become the sole ruler of a room.

Tobi Fairley, who offers full-service design consulting and DIY advice from her Arkansas studio, suggests instead that people take a look at traditional finishes and shapes and incorporate them into styles more fresh to the design scene.

“If you look at the new upholstered pieces, you’ll see a lot of natural wood-grain frames rather than just fully upholstered frames. So stained wood is definitely here to stay. As far as design style goes, there is still a nice mix of modernized traditional and comfortable contemporary. People love clean lines, but they still want familiar design elements, so this is the best of both worlds.”

That doesn’t mean that a splash of contemporary color can’t tie together an otherwise clean and neutral room, though. Working by her mantra, “Bright, Bold, Tailored,” Fairley’s portfolio shines with painterly execution of form and function.

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