Photos courtesy Erin Mixson Interiors.

Designer tip: Pretty in pink with Erin Mixson

Everyone knows the iconic scene from 1986 blockbuster Pretty in Pink when Andie–aka Molly Ringwald–reimagines a pink polka dot gown into a new version ideal for making a statement at an ’80s prom. Regardless of if you approve of her collared, sack-like version–we think it’s best left in 1986–the idea of styling classic pink hues into something modern and sophisticated is an idea we can get behind, especially when it comes to interiors.

“People tend to shy away from using overly girly colors in interior spaces,” explains interior designer Erin Mixson of Erin Mixson Interiors. “But it is possible to incorporate these colors in a sophisticated way without causing the space to feel overly feminine or juvenile.”

Much like a girl on a man’s arm–or Andie on Duckie’s because, let’s be honest, who cares about Blane–the pink becomes the star of the show but is grounded by more masculine pieces. By opting to incorporate pink through intricate fabrics and small but eye-catching details, the girly hue pops without becoming overwhelming.

“When designing with pink, it’s important to create a juxtaposition between feminine and masculine elements through a room in order to prevent the space from appearing overly feminine,” Mixson says, noting that in the room pictured here, a warm wood desk creates balance when placed with a dainty antique chair and unexpected fabric. “Incorporating pink in subtle ways, such as on window treatments or accent pillows, while keeping other areas fairly neutral allows a room to retain a level of sophistication.”

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