Graphic tiles, striking stones and bold paint colors can all be part of a pretty powder room. Photo courtesy Acadian House.

Designer tip: Perfecting powder rooms with Acadian House


Powder rooms are the small but mighty spaces of a home. When we daydream of designing a living space, the modest half-bath is probably not the first thought to come to mind. It’s easy to get swept away into the overwhelming whirlwind of creating the perfect living room, kitchen and bedroom. Big rooms equal big tasks. The idea alone is stress inducing and can make us forget about the little things, and little rooms. But the petite size of powder rooms serve as the perfect canvas for exploring your creative side.

“Powder rooms are a great place to push the envelope,” says Monica Broggi from Acadian House Design + Renovation.

Who knew such a small space could provide a perfect opportunity to go big? The power of the powder room actually lies in its size. Broggi says these typically tiny spaces allow design enthusiasts to take on decor projects that are also affordable and easy to change up as trends fluctuate and new ideas arise. It’s he perfect recipe for taking renovation risks.

Some may still question the creative possibilities a room almost the size of a closet could offer. This seems like a reasonable doubt. If the space is extremely limited, aren’t its decorative opportunities? Not exactly.

“Open any design magazine or search Pinterest for powder bathrooms and you’ll see an endless supply of ideas to take your powder bathroom from plain to posh,” says Broggi.

Instead of just sticking a scented candle into your half-bath and calling it a day, Broggi recommends a more strategic method for adding personality and style to this small space. Embrace the room’s confinements with unique wall treatments like shiplap, bold patterned wall coverings or statement tiles to provide the perfect backdrop for one-of-a-kind vanities. Oversized pendants or sleek sconces tied together with the perfect mirror are currently trending in the powder-room world, replacing traditional vanity lights.

Broggi also suggest using more natural design elements like exposed plumbing or detailed woodwork.

Aside from savvy walls and sleek lighting, a powder room is only as great as its components. “Make sure your powder bathroom is stocked with everything you need to keep your guests coming back,” she says.

Remember to keep your half-bath fully stocked with items like fragrant hand soap and clean, plush towels. As an extra tip to truly impress guests, Broggi advises to order a package of personalized, disposable linen hand towels. It’s all about the details.

Click on the photos in the gallery below for a closer look at some Acadian House-designed powder rooms: