Photos courtesy Paul Nguyen.

Paul Nguyen on taking a different approach to artwork

Once the furniture is in place and decorating begins in a new space, hanging artwork becomes the next natural fix to fill the void of empty walls. Most of us can attest to the daunting task of choosing artwork–especially in high-traffic or important spaces like the living room and dining room. What will suit the style of the furniture? The color scheme? The lighting? And while a collection of paintings can seem like fool-proof way to decorate, local design pro Paul Nguyen of McMillin Interiors encourages us to think differently when it comes to artwork.


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Nguyen’s clients, like many of us, tend to take a traditional route, purchasing pieces like oils or acrylics on canvas. And while these choices do lead to successfully beautiful rooms, Nguyen still likes to stray from the ordinary when he can, using textiles and innovative art objects to add visual interest.

“In some of my recent projects I’ve used tapestries, wallpaper panels, over-scaled mirrors, unframed canvases and even photography,” he explains. “This keeps the project interesting and unique.”

Of course, art is subjective, so Nguyen takes special care and consideration to ensure that his clients love what he presents. But when clients come prepared with their own art, Nguyen adds his artistic touch with his acquired knowledge of framing.

“Sometimes they already have the artwork and I have to think differently in terms of how I want things framed up,” Nguyen says. “I study framing styles a lot when I visit art museums and institutions. The curators and staff do a wonderful job of making the artworks look timeless and of quality.”

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