All photos courtesy Carrie Griffin.

How to find the mirror that best reflects your style

Mirror, mirror on the wall: what’s the best mirror of them all? Just like every room in your house serves a purpose, so does the mirror you select for that room. Do you want a statement piece everyone talks about? Or are you looking for everyday functionality?

“The right mirror can add beauty and function to any space,” says Carrie Griffin of Carrie Griffin Designs.

Read on to learn Griffin’s style hacks for finding the mirror that best reflects you.

Floor Length

Floor-length mirrors have come a long way over the years, and are often some of the most practical items in a home (outfit mirror selfies, anyone?). “If you have the space, a beautiful leaning mirror is a good way to add a statement piece to your bedroom,” says Griffin.


Circle mirrors are all the rage these days and add such a fun element to a space. While they are functional in any room in your house, Griffin recommends them in a full bath or powder room. “They come in so many sizes and materials,” says Griffin. She even adds that with all the harsh lines that appear in many bathrooms, the circle mirror is one surefire way to soften a space up.


In the South, antique mirrors are making a comeback with their rustic, unique flair. “I especially like a large-scale antique mirror in a foyer over a chest, and using a pair over bedside tables can add height and symmetry,” Griffin says.


Griffin says that sometimes multi-panel mirrors can lean a little bit toward the trendy side; however, “if used the right way, they can add architectural detail to a space that needs it.”

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