Photos by Meghann Landry.

Designer tip: Meghann Landry on how to choose a timeless couch

In a year filled with more opportunity for lounging around in our pajamas—which may have been subject to the washing machine fewer times than we’d like to admit—our number-one destination in the home has remained the true and trusty couch. Plopped down and sprawled out, we may forget that this essential piece of furniture isn’t just a secondary bed, but part of the overall look of a room. So, in search of guidance on how to choose a couch that will fit our needs and be a vision for style, we reached out to Meghann Landry of McMillin Interiors to give us the lowdown.

“Whether you’re a traditionalist or a minimalist, invest in quality upholstery that you love,” says Landry. “It will last longer, which means you’ll be able to enjoy it longer.”

Comfort and style aren’t opposing elements, though. According to Landry, it’s essential to marry the two. An uncomfortable by stylish couch will never get used. Rather, opt for a comfortable style and higher end materials in order to bring together a functional look.

“Not only do you want a sofa that’s stylish and well-scaled to your room, but you want something that will work for the way you live and how it will be used,” says Landry. “Comfort and quality are key in a main living space and there are so many options that offer a cozy sit while accentuating the overall design of your space. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.”

When testing out comfort and browsing your favorite style, Landry stresses the importance of measurements. Too small and there will be nowhere for guests to sit. Too big and the room is swallowed.

“Scale is important,” says Landry. “The size of your sofa should be dictated by the room itself and the overall design plan. Everything from the length to the back height should be considered to make sure your upholstery is the perfect fit for your space. It’s usually the most overlooked detail and something that makes such a major impact.”