Photo courtesy Laura Roland

Designer tip: Laura Roland on reupholstering antique furniture

Changing the look of a room doesn’t always have to require costly renovations or replacements, especially when a simple change can make a huge difference. According to Fireside Antiques co-owner Laura Roland, a great way to introduce a new color or pattern into a space is to have antiques updated with new fabric.

“Choosing a bold, modern fabric to reupholster your traditional antique furniture will get you miles of style without breaking the bank,” Roland says. “This also allows you to reflect your own personal style while updating your space.”

But what if your home is already modern, with no antique furniture to update? Or if it seems too dated to change?

“Customers often come to Fireside Antiques with design dilemmas such as, ‘We love antiques, but our home is filled with contemporary furnishings. How can we introduce antiques into our home?’ Or they may ask the reverse: ‘How can we update our antiques-filled home to be more modern?’” Roland says. “Our freshly reupholstered French Louis XVI bergères from 1870 is a wonderful answer to both questions. This pair [pictured above], covered in Louisiana’s own Amanda Talley’s mesmerizing Dungarees pattern fabric, marries traditional furnishings with modern style, and looks stunning doing so.”

In other words, a little piece of the past may be what a space needs to come alive in the present.

“This non-traditional marriage of old and new creates a balance—which is essential when remodeling or furnishing a home—while at the same time shakes up the notion that antique furnishings cannot be exciting and fresh,” Roland says. “Antiques upholstered in a contemporary fabric are distinctive, yet restrained, blend history with modernity, and provide a wonderful opportunity to let your own personal style shine through.”

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