woman dressed in a fur coat hanging a christmas decorations on fir closeup. New year greeting card concept. Shallow depth of field

Designer tip: Katharine and Patricia McMillan ask the experts about holiday decorating

Katharine Kaye McMillan and Patricia Hart McMillan have been writing and professing the art of interior design for about a decade now, a team effort which this year culminates in the mother-daughter duo’s brand new book, Christmas at Designers’ Homes Across America. Well aware of traditional trends like red-and-green pairings and mantelpiece greenery, the two sisters set out this time to ask other designers for their own fresh take on a more stylish Christmas. Sometimes, even the most basic of elements—like setting up a Christmas tree—require a few reminders from holiday experts.

When choosing a natural Christmas tree, for example, special care will likely be required to maintain its natural fluff and evergreen scent.

“Choose a tree that is pruned with hand shears, not by a power shear that cuts the tree into a dense triangle like a shrub,” says ornament designer Christopher Radko. “Water the tree with hot tap water to keep the sap running smoothly. Add a few drops of bleach … to prevent mold growth. Add corn syrup, too—about 1 teaspoon daily to feed the tree.”

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