Photo courtesy June Jackson

Designer tip: June Jackson on combining practicality with professional design

When June Jackson, owner of Echelon Designs, meets with clients, one of their most popular requests seems, at first glance, like a challenge; to combine practical comfort with a professionally decorated overall look. In reality, the two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive.

Jackson points to one room in particular—seen above—as an example.

“This room is functional while being pleasing and relaxing, but it’s also interesting enough to be stimulating,” she says. “For interest, we used a variety of textures such as linen, cotton, velvet, chenille, bamboo, rattan and painted wood. The window treatment, too, is practical with natural woven wooden shades providing privacy and light blockage, while the draperies add interest and beauty to the room.”

But that doesn’t mean that every element needs to match perfectly in order to achieve a seamless look.

“The high contrast between the Cinnamon Cotton color used on the draperies and bolster create a striking display against the Ivory Linen sofa fabric. The wall color also adds a soothing contrast that is just right,” Jackson says.

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