Designer tip: Jo Emmert on the return of color

If major interior decorating magazines are to be believed, every home in winter magically transforms into a color palette that complements the neutrals of the winter season—dark wood, snow white cabinets, carpets in snowflake blue or non-offensive beige. Traditional Christmas trees dominate foyers and living rooms, decked out in red and green, silver and gold. But according to local interior designer Jo Emmert, the whole array of colors is fair game this season for many other parts of the world, so why not in a Baton Rouge home?

“Color is back, and not just for the holidays,” she says. “We have been seeing ‘pops’ of color for years, particularly in countries abroad. France has had the hot pinks, peacock blues and electric yellow greens in their neutral interiors, and the British have never let it go. The styles these days may be sleeker, but the colors are returning. So don’t be afraid to pick your favorites and let them assimilate into your all-white rooms in bits and pieces, and then see what an updated look you can achieve. If you want to be safe, just start with one interesting color and build up from there.”

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