Photo courtesy Jeanette Turk.

Designer tip: Jeanette Turk on window treatments that wow

When in need of a change–something fresh, something new–Jeannette Turk of Decorating Den Interiors swears by window treatments. “The right window treatment,” she says, “can totally transform a room, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary!”

To find the best window treatments for your room, Turk advises clients to get inspiration from model homes or magazines or to even develop their own window-design idea file.

The very first thing to consider when designing a treatment, says Turk, is function. “Does it need to block outdoor light? Is privacy a priority? Or is there a beautiful view that requires capturing?”

Next: style. “Is the room traditional, transitional or contemporary, and does the decor lean toward a casual or formal style? Are your windows a natural dramatic architectural feature of your room? If so, you have a built-in focal point and should plan your treatments accordingly.”

Finally, Turk says not to forget that we live in south Louisiana. “The products we use must withstand the hot, humid climate here,” she says. “For example, I always use black-out lining on any drapery that is in direct sunlight. This also serves to protect the furnishings and flooring inside the home.”

If given careful consideration and planning, window treatments have the potential to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but a means of optimizing privacy and light control in your room.

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