A table from the Modern History Home line

Designer tip: Holly Harrison talks tables

A kitchen can be called the heart of the home, a place where a family gathers for food and conversation, and a breakfast or dining table is a crucial part of that scene. Likewise, a coffee table beside an armchair or a sofa can lend a surface on which to store trinkets, place a drink, or even put up your feet . In other words, a good table can tip the scale in favor of functionality and design sense.

According to interior designer Holly Harrison-McDowell of Holly Harrison Interiors, it’s also a surprisingly versatile piece.

“A clean-lined table that can be used in a variety of room settings is an essential piece,” she says. “In the past this was more than likely made of solid wood. But this is not necessarily true now. The Modern History Home line has several tables that are a tad contemporary but should prove to be timeless classics.”

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