Photo courtesy Dixon Smith Interiors.

Designer tip: Hilary Kennedy on small changes to make a big impact

When one year passes into another, refreshing our homes can make for a brilliant way to turn over a new leaf. And although the dazzling Christmas additions of a Douglas fir or white spruce might make a splendid statement during the holidays, the rest of the months require a little more nuance (and surprisingly, little cost). To prove that an eye-catching impact shouldn’t come at the expense of one’s savings, we spoke with Hilary Kennedy of Dixon Smith Interiors for her advice on small changes that freshen up the new year.

“Move around your artwork throughout the house,” says Kennedy. “I like to do this every year in my home to make old art feel new again. It lets you appreciate what you already have in a new light.” 

Greenery can also be a wonderful year-round addition to the home, allowing for vibrancy and color to boost the overall look of a room.

“I love to have greenery in every space,” says Kennedy. “And adding a plant here and there adds color without commitment. Having something living in your space is a must, and if you can fit something tall, do it! It adds to the drama of any space.” 

If you have some wiggle room—or have been waiting for the right moment to take the plunge—the installment of wallpaper can also rejuvenate your homes’ design this new season. 

“It is a bit more of a commitment financially, but finding the right spot for a fun new wallpaper can really feel wonderful,” says Kennedy. “Be it a powder room or dining room, adding a fun pattern to the walls can make your whole house feel new.”