Photos courtesy Aimee Walker.

Designer tip: Hardware 101

Hardware is often referred to as the jewelry of the cabinets. Think of it as the finishing touch that ties together a great outfit. Local designer Aimee Walker of Aimee Walker Interiors and Andrea Harris of The Hardware Studio say hardware has the ability to elevate, while also performing practical tasks.

When trying to build or remodel a home, “the design process is filled with decisions that ultimately affect each other and overwhelm a client,” says Walker. Both Harris and Walker tell clients that finishes should be picked in a certain order, with hardware last.

“When finishes are picked in the correct order, your choices will be naturally narrowed down, making your selections easier,” says Harris.

Some things that should be chosen first and considered when making hardware choices are the style and color of cabinets, plumbing and lighting, wall and trim colors, flooring, countertops and backsplash, and any metal finishes being used, such as a copper hood or sink.

Hardware is a great way to make a statement since it is easy and cost effective to change. Walker and Harris agree that being creative is always best when choosing finishes. Although satin nickel is a popular and safe choice, gold and champagne shades are becoming the “new classic” in Baton Rouge. If clients are going for a modern feel, the two suggest chrome. Walker adds, however, “If spots and fingerprints bother you, chrome may not be a good choice.”

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