Photo courtesy Erin Mixson

Designer tip: Erin Mixson on creating a welcoming entryway

The entryway can be called the eyes of a home—where people look to gauge their first impressions—or perhaps the arms—where guests throw their belongings to be caught by side tables, rugs and shelves. For local interior designer Erin Mixson, the foyer can be a perfect opportunity to showcase what a house is all about.

“This client’s foyer contains a narrow area with very little wall space,” she says. “To solve this design issue, we selected a pair of shallow console tables, each consisting of an open iron base and a marble top. These narrow consoles provide surfaces for vignettes of accessories or fresh flowers without crowding the room. We also incorporated a pair of coordinating Cynthia Knapp art pieces, which emphasize the symmetry of the consoles. The balance and symmetry that these selections create is the strongest design element in the space and aids in grounding the small room.”

Homes with more space make having a well-designed foyer even more important to the overall balance.

“In homes with larger foyers,” says Mixson, “the inclusion of a bench or small seating area into the space can be a welcoming addition. Incorporating textiles, such as rugs and throw pillows, are also a great idea and aid in softening the room. Lastly, integrating lamps, sconces, or hanging fixtures help to keep the space warm and bright.”

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