Johnson accessorized this client's home to draw the eye without creating clutter or awkward white space. Photo courtesy Dana Johnson.

Designer tip: Dana Johnson on the perfect home accessories

According to Gonzales-based interior designer Dana Johnson, accessorizing your home can be just as crucial as adding the perfect piece of jewelry to your favorite little black dress.

“It gives your home the finishing touches that really make your spaces feel cozy and personal,” she says. “While some clients like to furnish their entire room from top to bottom in one sweep, others save accessorizing for last.”

In fact, being patient with finding the perfect accessories might be the best plan.

“Accessorizing is usually not completed right away because it is the most difficult part of furnishing a room, and the most daunting task for a homeowner,” says Johnson. “Either way you go about it, accessorizing should not be an afterthought in your home. When accessorizing, it is extremely important to find quality pieces that have the right scale and proportion to the shelf or wall you are decorating. Many homes are plagued with tiny art floating on huge walls and tons of small little figurines lined up on a shelf—the phrase “less is more” is a great guideline to follow during this process, and larger pieces always look much better than lots of small items packed into a space. Also, don’t buy any old, cheap piece just to serve as a placeholder; it will end up staying there forever! My philosophy says to leave a space empty until you find the perfect artwork or the most beautiful vase that you just must have. You want to find unique pieces that fit your personality and style, not just what everyone has in their home at the moment.”

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