Photo courtesy Fig & Dove

Designer tip: Colleen Waguespack on a complementary Christmas

As an interior designer, Colleen Waguespack is familiar with the difficulties of setting up a home’s decor just right—perfect color schemes, complementing textures, easy layout—only to have the onslaught of the holiday season throw a wrench in all that work, covered suddenly with garlands and cookie dough and lots of red and green. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep things tied together year round, then Waguespack has a simple recommendation.

“Your own Christmas stockings can actually complement the decor of your home,” she says. “That’s part of why I even started my own business, Fig & Dove. After years of looking for Christmas stockings that blended in with the decor of my clients homes, I began making stockings using the same details we used on drapes and throw pillows to create truly couture Christmas stockings and tree skirts.”

Another way to keep the seasonal decor fresh?

“My favorite holiday greenery is bayleaf garland and wreaths,” says Waguespack. “They smell great and last for months—and you can steal a few leaves for seasonal cooking.”

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