Photos courtesy The Design Studio.

Designer tip: Coffee table styling with The Design Studio

Typically, coffee tables take center stage in most living rooms. Besides simply holding beverages and remote controls, coffee tables are where guests and family members gather for activities like watching the game or catching up with an old friend. That’s why we met with local designer Lisa Girouard of The Design Studio of Louisiana to get some style tips that will spruce up any coffee table.

“A coffee table is almost a way to ground the space—like an area rug, it defines the center point of a sitting area,” says Girouard.

Books that tell stories about a family or the owner’s interests, like beloved travel locations or hobbies, add special personalization to coffee tables. However, coffee table books are no longer the star of the show. “They serve as a base to layer on and display more visually appealing styling items,” says Girouard.

Items like touches of greenery and fresh florals add color and texture, bringing life to any room or space. “Pair greenery and fresh florals with a beautiful candle,” says Girouard. “It’s the perfect combination!”

Along with a dash of lush greenery and soft petals, other natural pieces introduce different textures. “We’re a firm believer in introducing at least one nature item, such as a piece of coral, grass ball or a woven basket,” says Girouard, adding that when styling these items, it helps to create layers of varying heights. “We typically search for items that follow the ‘layer with shapes’ motto. These could be anything from vases to bowls to structural pieces.”

Practical pieces also add structure to an upholstered focal point. Doubling as an ottoman or as an area for extra seating, upholstered pieces add a touch of comfort. “This way, clients can use it as a centering table to display objects, and it transforms, when needed, into extra space where guests can sit,” says Girouard. “It doesn’t hurt that this option is super kid friendly as well.”