Photos courtesy CRAFT Interiors.

Designer tip: Cherith Craft talks refreshing interiors after packing up Christmas décor

We all know the excitement of pulling down the boxes of Christmas décor from the attic to fill our homes with trees, garlands and all things red and green. Everything feels full and cozy. But removing the holiday fluff doesn’t have to compromise the warmth. Design pro Cherith Craft of CRAFT Interiors assures us that it’s possible to keep your home feeling full even after the holidays.

“I think there’s a temptation to fill it back with other items, and that may not be the best solution,” says Craft. “My suggestion would be to use the opportunity where it looks a little empty to give your shelves and countertops a good cleaning or dusting and sit with it that way for a bit.”

As in all situations, clearing out holiday decorations presents a silver lining. And in keeping with the themes of New Year’s, this can be seen as the perfect opportunity to fix up areas in need of improvements or a new look in 2021.

“Pulling everything off of a space and starting fresh helps you see those spaces with fresh eyes,” Craft explains. “If you’ve had items up that didn’t necessarily work before, then this is a great chance to re-do those spaces.”

Further, it is important to remember that winter doesn’t end just because the holidays have passed. Craft notes that “just because you’re getting rid of your Christmas décor doesn’t mean you need to give up the coziness of it. It’s still winter, so you can keep that balsam fir scented candle out, and the extra blankets too.  If you have fresh greenery that still looks good you can leave that out as well.”