Photos courtesy Carrie Griffin Design.

Designer Tip: Carrie Griffin talks souvenirs worth displaying

Going on vacation is always a treat, but it’s even better when you get to continue reliving the trip through memories and items picked up along the way. Along with photos and videos of vacations past, souvenirs are a fun way to bring part of a trip home with you. However, unlike the airbrushed T-shirt you picked up on spring break in Destin, some souvenirs are worth putting on display. We spoke with Carrie Griffin of Carrie Griffin Design and got her take on decorative souvenirs and how to use them as special pieces in your home.

“Everyone enjoys reliving the memory attached to souvenirs or vacation buys, but most of us are not sure what to do with these items upon arrival at home,” explains Griffin. “Unfortunately, many of these belongings get packed away, never to be seen again, or the purchases we regret create clutter and cause us stress. ”

When she is traveling, Griffin says she tries to steer clear of anything too large or touristy. She suggests trying to find interesting, classic items that can be framed but aren’t necessarily something that you would ordinarily think of framing. According to Griffin, fabric and textiles can frame up beautifully.

“In my home I have some small ceramic faces that are framed as a group in a shadow box,” says Griffin. “They were easy to pack and fun to frame, plus I remember the trip every time I see them, and they don’t add any clutter to my home!”

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