Photo courtesy Carol LaCour

Designer tip: Carol LaCour on balancing size

Go big or go home, as the saying goes. But sometimes, in an actual home, going big is exactly what a designer aims for. For Carol LaCour, co-owner of Monochrome, too many small furniture items can make a room seem cluttered. Instead, she says, it’s best to let the larger furniture pieces do the talking.

“When decorating a room, no matter how large or small, I tend to use one or two larger pieces (a large sofa or sectional, a long console, a tall armoire, etc.) and reduce the number of small furniture pieces,” says LaCour. “A few larger pieces of furniture calm the room, while too many small pieces keep your eyes and attention jumping. I work with my clients to edit what they have and what they purchase.  Even artwork—too many paintings or pictures—make a room feel busy, while one or two larger paintings or prints calm the space and get more attention and respect. Think larger and less.”

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