In this master bedroom designed by McCanless, strategically chosen accessories include a leaf-print artwork from Bienville Frames, large-scale lamps, family photos, and even the client's own guitar. Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

Designer tip: Anne McCanless on smart accessorizing

Some say the devil is in the details. Other’s say its God. Interior designer Anne McCanless of Texture says that when it comes to interior decorating, you are the one most represented by the details in your home. Accessories, she says, are a great way to showcase your individual taste and interests. “Find a few things that you love,” she says, “that are different and unusual and having meaning.”

The challenge to accessorizing a home, of course, comes with avoiding clutter. McCanless offers a simple solution: keep it to a minimum. “When you have a lot of stuff, it becomes too much,” she says. “Then your special details no longer stand out. They become ordinary. When you have too many accessories, you can’t focus on their special aspects, the things that make them yours.”

When styling a side table for example, McCanless says her go-to is a pretty painting with an easel. “I always like to have some color, something that adds texture,” she says. “A lamp makes a good opportunity for height change, and then you can add a cool bowl or some other accessory.”

The bottom line she says is, “Keep it simple. Keep it special.”