Photo courtesy of Amanda Cason.

Designer tip: Amanda Cason on how to impress with your guest space

The holidays are right around the corner, and there is no better time (before the flurry of the season) than now to prep your guest space. Southern hospitality often means that doors are opened to family and friends, and family and friends often spend the night. Make their overnight stay special. Amanda Cason of Amanda Cason Interiors shares a few tips that will make the spare bedroom a real treat.

“While I’m sure entertaining is a design consideration in all regions, here in the South it is a pillar for design decisions,” says Cason. “Guest spaces are among the most enjoyable to style, and simplicity goes a long way.”

She notes that furniture selection is as important in a guest area as it is in the rest of the house. Don’t fill the room with cast-offs of poor quality. Cason says to make sure the furniture is still in good shape and usable so guests are not caught off guard by a squeaky bed or sticky drawers.

“Also, invest in really good white or neutral linens. This allows for pillows and decor items to change seasonally if necessary and gives a luxury hotel feel. The softer the linens, the better!” says Cason. She also suggests that as the Southern heat often demands fewer and thinner layers on the bed, use all-weather duvet fillers because they are not too heavy for the warm climate. And don’t forget to prep the bathroom.

“Well-styled guest bath vanities offer a great opportunity for presenting guests with access to necessities and giving them a place to keep personal items such as jewelry during their stay,” says Cason. She adds that she usually stocks her guest vanities with bottled water, disposable razors, body lotion and mouthwash.

“When the kids go back to school, inventory and freshen your guest spaces,” says Cason. “You will thank yourself, or your designer, that you are guest ready when you find out you have a last-minute visitor during the holidays.”

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