Photo courtesy Aimee Walker

Designer tip: Aimee Walker on the high drama of high ceilings

High and dramatic ceilings can be a favorite focal point in Baton Rouge homes, says interior designer Aimee Walker. The overall look can be beautiful, and it definitely works some magic to make an average room seem spacious, but that enormity can also create a decorating dilemma for many homeowners.

aimee walker interiors designer tip“Creating a cozy feel in these rooms can be an overwhelming task, and lately I have been getting many questions about how to tackle this problem,” Walker says. “My answer to clients is simple: first, lose the fear, and second, get a really tall ladder! The key is to be bold and think about size and scale. Don’t hang pictures at the same height as you would on a wall with an 8- or 9-foot ceiling. Take advantage of those extra feet when hanging your art, drapes or shelving. If your art isn’t quite large or tall enough to make a statement, try hanging a few pieces on top of each other.”

In cases like these, Walker likes to use an architectural approach to combine visual interest with height.

“Think about using architectural items like doors, shutters or old gates to help fill the space and give some texture,” she says. “And don’t forget to factor in the importance of lighting. To add a final touch of warmth, make sure your lighting in the room is balanced and proportional, and contributes to the ambiance you’re looking for. Embrace your space!”

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