Photos by Elizabeth Caswell.

Designer Nicole Brown on picking the right light fixtures

Many underestimate the importance of lighting and therefore miss out on one of the most exciting features of a space. Still, picking the proper lighting for your home requires long and carful thought, and whether you want to make a statement or play it simple, the light fixtures you choose will heavily influence the overall design of the room. To learn just how important lighting is, we spoke to Nicole Brown of Nicole Brown Interiors for her best suggestions on how to transform your spaces with lighting.

“Light fixtures can often times be an afterthought,” says Brown. “We focus on what’s at eye level: floors, furnishings, lamps, etc. However, ceiling lighting—and even wall lighting—is just as important. Not only the amount of light, but the visual, style and scale of the light. Just like the wrong size rug or lamp can look out of place, the wrong light fixture can be distracting.”

Though light fixtures are often solely seen as a necessary means of illuminating a space, unique approaches to lighting can allow for another point of interest, from the bathroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between.

“Take this opportunity to add another element of style to your space,” says Brown. “Add a chandelier to a sitting room with can lights. Forgo the typical vanity light in a bathroom and use wall sconces on each side of the mirror instead. Dress up the kitchen island with beautiful lanterns. Let the dining room chandelier act as a piece of art to balance the table, chairs and other case pieces.”


“Using the right light fixtures can make your space more unique and welcoming. Attention to detail is paramount when designing a room, and the lighting is a major factor. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.”

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