One of Craft's recent room package installations. Photo courtesy Cherith Craft Interiors.

Design within reach: Carrie Griffin and Cherith Craft offer pre-designed spaces

The interior design process can be lengthy. Choosing every individual fabric and finish can seem more daunting than exciting for many people. With that in mind, local decorator Cherith Craft of Cherith Craft Interiors and designer Carrie Griffin of Carrie Griffin Design have both created pre-designed packages to offer to clients. Speaking to each interior visionary’s style, the packages allow customers to utilize design services and capture the put-together look that comes from working with a designer without months of preparation and deliberation.

To learn more about the packages and what they offer, we reached out to these two pros:

1. Why did you decide to offer pre-designed packages?

Griffin: We have noticed a trend recently. Several clients, of all ages, have wanted us to select items online that they could order on their own. They also just like asking our opinion on the items they were considering. We wanted to be able to serve this group of people, but still give them the quality custom-designed look and service we strive for. There are so many options available available out there, and most people know what they like but not how to pull it all together.

Craft: We thought that there are a lot of people out there that don’t want to and don’t have the time to go through the process of traditional interior design. It also allows me to put together items that are a good value, while still creating stylish and comfortable spaces.

2. What style do you keep in mind when putting together the packages?

Griffin: We plan on offering several styles from traditional to modern, but always keeping with our aesthetic of classic rooms with a little something unexpected. My hope is that there will be a style that speaks to everyone. Even though they will be sourced online, our goal is for the spaces to not be trendy, but to have a cohesive and timeless look.

Craft: We stick with what we are good at: clean lines. We use durable, quality products to hold up to family life. We also incorporate performance fabrics that wear well and resist staining. We want to use items that will work for a lot of people.

3. Why do you think something like this works well?

Griffin: Ideally, I think this package works best for the person that doesn’t have time to scour hundreds of websites out there looking for the perfect items for their home, just hoping that they will all work together seamlessly. We have years of experience pulling together rooms and access to some special resources the public may not know about. With this pre-designed package, a rendering will help clients be able to see what the room looks like finished, instead of guessing. Also, by using multiple vendors, the designs will have more of a custom, personal and collected look. Time is precious these days, and we want to help people save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.

Craft: I hear all the time, “I know what I like when I see it. I just don’t know how to put it together.” These packages take the guesswork out of the design process because people can actually see the entire room set up and can envision it easily in their space.

4. What is your advice for personalizing these spaces?

Griffin: Because there will be different curated styles and budgets to choose from, that alone will make the space feel more personal. It’s also always important to incorporate special accessories, books and art that you love, just like we do in our custom rooms. These items may be sentimental or something you pick up at a local shop. Just always measure the space before you purchase something. When you have a good base to start with, I think personalizing it to fit your needs will come more easily.

Craft: I like to use art and colors that the client appreciates. Those are easy things to swap out if what I have currently isn’t speaking to them. There are some accessories in a package but not an overwhelming amount. Once we install the set, I can advise them on things to add to it that I think would fit in the space and make it their own, like special coffee table books or family pictures.

Griffin’s pre-designed packages will be available on her website in the coming months. Visit her website here, or stay posted for updates on her social media here.

Contact Craft through her website here to learn more about the packages. View them in action on her social media here.