Decorative pillow designed by Olivia Massie for Maison Venu. Photo by Antonio De Lucci.

Keep things natural with this interior design trend

“Less is more” is a popular phrase. And, according to current interior design trends, it applies to the home. Minimalistic elements such as organic textures, neutral colors and hints of nature are increasingly being integrated into design, and it’s easy to under why.

Founder and creative director of Maison Venu Textiles Olivia Massie explains, “incorporating natural materials into furniture, frames and other cased goods causes color palettes to shift to complement the material.”

Local design expert, Ty Larkins recently showcased this trend in the design of a beach house in Fairhope, Alabama. Larkins added depth to the space with touches of woven furniture and muted colors. This simple layout and neutral palette create an uncluttered, calming space.

Using organic textures and materials such as wood, limestone and bamboo can also help bring the outdoors in. Ginger Curtis, owner of Urbanology Designs and 2021 HGTV designer of the year, showcases how breathtaking clean design can be. The contrast of the rough texture of the staircase against the smooth wood steps highlights at every architectural detail.

“Nature has always been an inspiration for interiors and textiles because it’s what surrounds us daily,” explains Massie. “Adding touches of natural textures such as a bamboo tray, a woven picture frame or a terra-cotta pot with a large plant can change a space.”