Photos courtesy Cherith Craft

These built-ins prove that bunk beds are fun for everyone

Bunk beds are a staple in so many modern homes, and it isn’t hard to see why. Stacked beds are the perfect way to maximize your floor space while being playful and fun for children. But even outside of the bedroom, bunk beds can be used to host guests of all ages when added to entertainment rooms.

“I think mostly we love bunk beds as kids because they’re different and they feel special,” explains Cherith Craft of CRAFT Interiors, who utilizes built-in bunk beds in her own home for her young daughters. “They read or play games, and it becomes a cozy nook or hideaway.”

“When we built our family home seven years ago, we wanted to give our girls their own space to host friends for sleepovers,” Craft continues. “During the framing stage, we realized we had some attic space that couldn’t be used for anything other than a bunk space. They received such a positive response from our girls and others that they became a staple in CRAFT Homes whenever possible.”

While bunk beds are undoubtedly fun for the little ones, these built-in beds are far from limited to children’s rooms in Craft’s designs. Bunk beds are almost always built into media or loft space in CRAFT Homes.

They are also great spots for the occasional extra guest that doesn’t require the dedication of a whole room, says Craft. If you have the attic or “dead space” to utilize for built-in bunks, you can maximize the square footage of your entertainment space to allow for plenty of room for sofas, TVs and game tables.

Naturally, beds outside of a non-traditional bedroom space may seem a bit difficult to work with at first. How do you approach bedding to make the beds blend in with the rest of the space without feeling out of place or awkward?

Craft suggests simply drawing from the function and decor when choosing bedding for the bunks. “It depends on what else is going on in the room,” she says. “Is the space entirely dedicated to kids and play time? Then whatever your color scheme is can work in the bunks too.”

However, when bunk beds are added to a room that feels more like a second living room area, sticking with neutral bedding can be most appropriate in appealing to all ages.

“Built-in bunks in Brandon’s homes feel like an extra surprise or bonus to an already fabulous home,” says Craft. “It has a custom feel, but appeals to many!”