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Celeb style: Marc Anthony’s Florida mansion

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Marc Anthony is best known for his Latin salsa numbers that skyrocketed him to success in the 1990s, playing an instrumental part in defining Latin music and culture and making him one of the most influential artists of his time. Oh yeah, and the whole being-married-to-JLo-for-10-years thing. In 2018, Anthony purchased an unfinished waterfront mansion in Coral Gables, Florida, for a whopping $19 million. Just two years later, Marc has put his now completed residence back on the market for $27 million.

At 20,546 square feet, Anthony’s mansion is one of the largest homes in south Florida, featuring 12 bedrooms and 13.5 baths, three kitchens, a wine cellar, separate staff quarters, and an elevator to all three floors. We reached out to Shannon Mahon of Shannon Mahon Interiors looking for a local perspective on the design of the main living space of the mansion.

“With a large, open space like Marc Anthony’s living room, furniture placement and scale are crucial,” Mahon explains. “Many homes today are being designed with an open floor plan. Often these rooms require the furniture placement to be floating to allow for walking space.”

Where there isn’t space, furniture placement should seem natural and functional to keep in line with the easy flow.

“In a space such as a living room,” she says, “we like to maximize the seating. We recommend hiring a designer to provide optimal furniture layouts that fit the client’s specific home and lifestyle. A professional designer can provide 2-D and 3-D renderings or spatial layouts with specific furniture selections to scale.”

See more of Mahon’s tips alongside more rooms from Marc Anthony’s residence below:

• In a large living space, scale and furniture placement are crucial to maintaining flow.

• When choosing neutrals, compare warm versus cool colors. Determine whether you like bright white, ivory, cream, or gray hues best and use tone-on-tone hues in paint, fabric and finishings for a monochromatic look.

• Add glamorous accents among neutrals, such as Marc Anthony’s coffee table. Brass, antique mirror and acrylic pieces are some of our favorite finishes to add a touch of glam.