Jacqueline Kennedy's dressing room at the White House as it sat in May of 1962. Photo by Robert Knudsen courtesy JFK Presidential Library & Museum.

Celeb style: Jackie O’s White House dressing room

There’s no doubt that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is one of the most iconic figures in modern American history. And while her pink suit and pillbox hat are the most recognizable symbols of her style, the former first lady is to thank for bringing the White House into the modern era. When she moved into the United States’ most well-known address in 1961, she made it her mission to fill the White House with color, excitement and, of course, her timeless style.

One room that shows this off is her powder blue dressing room. Adorned with a painted screen, tufted chaise and towering windows, the space marries sophistication with the whimsy of a slumber party.

“It’s not surprising that Jackie went with a monochromatic color scheme for her dressing room,” notes Rachel Cannon, the designer behind Rachel Cannon Limited who lended her expertise to inRegister@Home for an in-depth look at this space. “This is a sophisticated way to use color, even for people who are scared of the commitment.”

Scroll over the image below for Cannon’s tips how to recreate this space in a modern way. And read on for a glimpse into a master bedroom that draws on the style of the ’60s dressing room.

Onassis’ dressing room, 1962:

Cannon’s design, modern day:

Photo by Jessie Preza.

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