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A case of the blues: Pantone’s 2020 color of the year

At the start of the new millennium in 2000, Pantone chose Cerulean as it’s first-ever “Color of the Year.” Ever since then, designers and creatives from all over the world have looked to Pantone for inspiration while designing and making plans for the coming year. And since the color of 2000 was a timeless shade of sky blue, it only made sense that Pantone would chose another hue of the color to ring in the new decade–Classic Blue.

According to Pantone, Classic Blue signifies “protection, stability, peace and confidence, as well as encouraging deep thinking, open mindfulness and communication,” and therefore is an overall great omen of this new era in society. Recently, we met with Ashlyn Elofson of Trends by Design, and got her take on the color of the year and how she plans to incorporate it in her designs all 2020 long.

Photo courtesy Trends by Design.

“Just like the name states, this rich blue color is expected to be incorporated into the home in traditional elements like china and in traditional fabric patterns on drapery and pillows,” explains Elofson.

“My team and I however, are looking forward to combining this statement color with unexpected modern abstract patterns in art, accessories and other accent pieces throughout the home,” she says. “This will give Classic Blue new life and impact in every space.”


Photo courtesy Trends by Design.

“These lamps, which are in stock in our showroom, are the perfect representation of using Classic Blue and the classic element of porcelain lamps, while also bringing in a new and unexpected fresh, fun look,” says Elofson. “The modern abstract pattern on the lamps is the perfect head-turning accent for a living room console or bedroom nightstands.”

“By leading with the solidity and comfort of Classic Blue, we are looking forward to encouraging our clients to step out of the expected when it comes to pattern application,” she says.

Are you looking to bring a sea of blue into your home this year? Or are you wanting to try out a new twist while styling the classic color? If so, visit the Trends by Design website, here, or give them a call at (225) 927-1567.