Arrangement by The Bloom Room. Photo by Chad Chenier.

Behind the scenes of the statement flowers in our September issue home

It’s true that the interior design of Lexie and Mike Polito’s house, featured in inRegister’s September issue, is the star of the show. But the flowers by Bryce Glover of The Bloom Room play a pretty important supporting role. The arrangements–scattered throughout the house–are more than just eye candy. They were strategically planned by Polito and Glover to attract attention to all the most important details in the house, helping viewers make the most of the space through one-dimensional pictures on a page.

“Originally, we were both unsure about using purple since it’s not what either of us normally prefers,” Glover says of the hydrangea-laden runner that makes a statement across Polito’s dining room table. “But for this, it was all about making the design pop, and the purple flowers were definitely the right choice for that.”

From a concept drawing to the finished product, the lavender-hued hydrangeas, Ocean Song roses, and carnations immediately draw the eye to the black lacquered dining room table while playing off of the wall color, chair upholstery and, most importantly, the butterfly-covered Hunt Slonem painting on the back wall. However, while the arrangement was made for pictures, the concept is still rooted firmly in reality, as Glover notes that a centerpiece like this is ideal for a dinner party since it is low to the table, allowing guests to easily see and talk with one another.

“In the kitchen, we wanted to do something low as well, as to not distract from all of the beautiful details like the cabinets and the hood,” Glover explains. “The key in there was to be simple and clean, and we placed it on that specific side to draw attention immediately to the Moët vending machine, since that is the real wow factor in the room.”

Standing out against the pale pink of the kitchen cabinets, the simple-but-chic arrangement on the counter is composed of bright pink roses and peonies to draw the eye toward the Moët vending machine in the corner. Photo by Chad Chenier.

Bright pink roses were paired with peonies and touches of green to achieve this kitchen counter arrangement. Roses are also carried into Polito’s closet, where orange and pink varieties were chosen for a fun and lighthearted look. Altogether, while the flowers are different shades, the consistent use of the same bloom throughout establishes continuity and helps viewers see that in the design as well.

“I wanted to change it up in different rooms and keep it exciting,” Glover says. “With a project like this, I like to go into the house to get a sense of things. That way, we can design arrangements that fit the spaces and play off of the colors there.”

A vase filled with orange and pink roses completes Lexie Polito’s closet. Photo by Chad Chenier.

But, of course, not all of Glover’s projects are about aimed toward enhancing interior design. As we move into the holiday season, he is looking forward to dinner parties and other get togethers that warrant out-of-the-box floral schemes.

“What I really like to do is go against the grain,” he explains. “Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we have to do typical fall colors. I like trying something different to give my clients something memorable and unique.”