Photo by Melissa Oivanki

Bedroom goals

Enough with all the resolutions focused on what to do during waking hours to improve your life in 2017. Let’s talk snooze time here. All the coffee in the world can’t cure the effects of poor sleep—from weight gain and wrinkles to diabetes and depression. We’ll skip the lecture about avoiding screen time before nodding off, but experts say it’s just as important that your space be cozy and comfortable—a sanctuary where you look forward to sinking into the sheets.

When it comes to creating your personal sleep retreat, a bed is like a blank canvas, says Lazette Phillips of Custom Linens. “There are opportunities galore for putting it together,” she says.

To begin, focus on sheets—but not only on thread count. “That’s only part of the equation,” she says. Extra-long staple cotton produces finer and stronger yarns, which in turn make for more breathable and softer sheets. Choose percale if you like a smooth, crisp feel with a matte finish, or sateen if you prefer softness and shine. Linen is durable and absorbent. “But if wrinkles bother you, then the charm of linen sheeting is not for you!” Phillips says.

Phillips says laundering correctly is critical—think cold or warm water wash and low heat for drying—to keeping sheets looking great. “Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets, which coat and weaken fibers, or chlorine bleach, which weakens fibers and can yellow sheets,” she says.

Pillows are products for which personal preference is paramount. “To keep the neck in line with the spine, side sleepers find comfort when using medium to extra-firm pillows, while back sleepers enjoy soft to firm pillows and stomach sleepers are usually most comfortable with soft to medium pillows,” Phillips says.

Duvets can sometimes seem a bit heavy, but Phillips says a duvet filled with Hungarian white goose down is the ultimate in lofty comfort. She recommends choosing one with baffle box construction and around 600 fill power for just the right fluffy warmth.

Once you’ve got the basics in place, it’s time to make it pretty. Click on the photos in the gallery below to see some of our favorite local bedrooms from the inRegister archives. Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.