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Artificial Intelligence: When it comes to holiday adornments, faux is the way to go

In Louisiana, it’s nearly impossible to know if Christmas Day will call for sweaters or tank tops. The unpredictable back and forth between hot and cold temperatures is enough to create a confused winter wardrobe, and it also has significant implications on holiday decorations.

Yo-yoing temperatures along with high humidity are the perfect storm for live garlands, wreaths and trees. Because of this, their artificial counterparts have risen in popularity over the years.

“Growing up, I would’ve never said yes to anything artificial,” Fig & Dove owner and interior decorator Colleen Waguespack explains. “But it’s 85 degrees today and it was 39 degrees last week. Those just aren’t the conditions for things like live wreaths and garlands.”

Faux trees, wreaths, garlands and more have come a long way over the years. For Waguespack, the key is choosing varieties that make sense with their surroundings.

“Everyone has boxwood hedges and magnolia trees in their yards,” Waguespack says. “So incorporating those will give you the most ‘picked from the backyard’ look.”

Additionally, these indigenous varieties allow the décor to make sense long before and after the Christmas season.

“The culture of Christmas has changed so much. People are putting their decorations up earlier and leaving them up longer,” Waguespack explains. “With things like the magnolia leaf garlands, those can be styled to work for fall and then can carry you through winter even after Christmas.”

Scroll over the above photos to get a glimpse into a newly renovated Bocage home for more holiday decorating tips from Waguespack.