Design by Ty Larkins Interiors. Photo by Chad Chenier.

Accessories to upgrade your kitchen and dining spaces

Every space deserves an occasional refresh. With the kitchen being the gathering place in most homes, filling it with new and inspired finds is absolutely crucial. Luckily, local artisans and store owners have been hard at work gathering accessories worth displaying, and we rounded up a few of our favorites. Tap the Instagram posts for purchasing and more information.

Whether you picked the berries yourself or bought them from the farmers market, all fresh fruit makes its way under the faucet. We love this innovative handpainted colander, which adds a little fun to the fruit washing process.

The only thing we love more than the shape of these glasses is their vibrant color. A place setting using these is sure to pop.

Talk about a statement. This knife’s handle–and its shining blade–are too show stopping to hide away in a drawer.

Simple but eye-catching, these boards can double as a counter display and the serving device for a charcuterie board.

This cheeky tea towel sums up our thoughts about almost everything these days.

While a Himalayan salt lamp has its place–did you know those are said to help your sinuses?–this salt slab helps enhance the flavors of everything it touches.

Pastels will always have a place in our hearts. We love the idea of mixing these colors for a rainbow-inspired table.

Part tea pot. Part vase. What’s not to love?

What accessory is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.