Photos by Laura Steffan. Styling by Suzonne Stirling.

Room tour: A timeless nursery with fanciful flare designed by Hattie Collins

Choosing the right crib, wallpaper pattern, rocking chair… The list goes on. And on. Designing a nursery is such an exciting experience for expecting parents. It’s one of the first physical signs that your family is growing. But the design process can be overwhelming.

Hattie Sparks Collins, designer and owner of Hattie Sparks Interiors, loves decorating nurseries. She especially enjoys finding fun artwork and accessories that add playfulness to the space.

Photo by Laura Steffan

“We wanted this room to be able to grow with the girls through many stages and approached it with that in mind,” Collins says. “We anchored the room with quality pieces that will last for years, like the dressers, drapes and armchair. Then we layered in some whimsy with the wallpaper and rugs.”

The multicolored wallpaper, made by Pepper Home, is a head-turner in this fanciful nursery. The paper’s detailing is highlighted with flattering color choices and Hattie’s signature giraffe.

“I love pink and green together, especially these two particular tones,” Collins says. “Rose and sage just naturally work well when paired, much like they do when you see them paired in nature. I also love how the green tassels and pink drapes compliment the green accents of the wallpaper.”

Classic pieces combine with natural elements, like rattan, grounding the more whimsical features of the space. As Collins proves here, a picture-perfect nursery is never far from reach.

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