A master bedroom designed by Erica Moffat. Photos courtesy Ophelia Home.

10 questions with Erica Moffatt of Ophelia Home

When the Ophelia Home retail space opened up last year in The Foyer, it carried with it the air of a Shakespearean princess (before Hamlet’s miscalculated deeds, of course), capturing a graceful spirit of home design through simple elegance and lush textiles. The face behind the name—Erica Moffatt—is an interior decorator specializing in custom drapery and bedding.

We sat down with Moffatt to get a glimpse into her latest endeavor, from her design services to furnishings and décor.

1. What was your inspiration for creating Ophelia Home?

Not exactly an inspiration, just a love for beautiful fabrics, trims, textiles and a more artistic flair in presenting such things to local clientele. There is a need for more: more offerings within textiles such as wallpaper, trims and fabrics, as well as for a need for more professionals available to assist in executed design projects that incorporate textiles.

2. What makes Ophelia Home stand out? 

I mix a blend of unexpected colors, fabrics, textures and decorative items within my two spaces at The Foyer, as well as in clients’ homes. My product offerings are definitely engaging to each shopper. I take my own distinctive style and skills into the homes of many who have a desire to illustrate exactly who they are as an individual or family, and show it off through invested furnishings, décor and art within the favorite spaces of their home.

3. What’s one thing you would like people to know about Ophelia Home they might not be aware of?

I specialize in custom drapery and hardware, as well as bedding. With drapery projects, we take it all the way from the initial measuring of the space, fabric selections and design to providing the hardware and managing the final installation. My space at The Foyer acts as a mini showroom—there are more than 500 fabric samples free for customers to sift through and become inspired to initiate the process.

4. Do you have a favorite project? 

I recently revamped a cozy Colonial-style cottage in Fredericksburg, Texas. Not only did the town and history of the small city give me inspiration, but I was also asked to conduct the project with thoughtfulness to the fact that the client would be using the home as a bed and breakfast for visitors. Having to be mindful of a budget, as well as fitting existing furniture into the new design made the project more challenging and the outcome more exciting to reveal. The most satisfying part to me personally is that the comforting aesthetic and overall collective design will be shared with countless people enjoying a little rest and relaxation.

5. What’s the story behind the name of Ophelia Home?

Ophelia was a contradictory character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She represented femininity and love.

6. Where can people find Ophelia Home? 

Inside of The Foyer, an 8,000-square-foot retail space that showcases artwork, interiors, home decor, lighting, furnishings and intriguing gifts. The efforts and life behind The Foyer is a collaboration of local creatives. You can find The Foyer at the corner of Perkins Road and Acadian Thruway in Baton Rouge.

7. What piece from Ophelia Home do you believe everyone should have in their home? 

Well-executed drapery. Window treatments are the foundation of a room, just as solid framework is to constructing a new home. Not only functional, but window treatments done properly encompass a space, immediately creating a sense of endearment from within the room, even when the final design of a home is still in progress.

8. What is your professional background? How did you get your start? 

I have a degree in textiles and design. I’ve always worked as a small business. I have been an independent decorator since 2016 and continue to work mainly throughout New Orleans and Baton Rouge, as well as with a handful of out-of-state projects.

9. Which room of the house is your favorite to design? 

I love conquering a master bedroom. It’s a room that I find typically ignored but when designed properly, it’s the most adored by homeowners. In my opinion, master suites should be a priority. I call it a haven. As adults, it is where we retreat to at the end of each day, where we can ease our mind and body and focus on just ourselves. It is a place that puts us back into our own mindfulness of being present, balanced and whole. Our havens should encompass who we are and what we have accomplished; therefore you should surround yourself with what you truly want and love in your bedroom.

10. What is one piece of advice you have for designing a home? 

Don’t get overwhelmed by the actual process of decorating. It is a process and should be treated as a well-thought-out plan to execute. Personally, the act of designing begins with thoughtfulness—keeping many particular logistics at the forefront of the design; the next steps are carried through by layering essential components and completed with characteristics that express the client’s true passions and personality. The best way to accomplish this? Simply take it in phases.