An inside look at the Women with a Cause 2022 cover art

inRegister commissioned local artist Aline Moreaux to create the illustration on this issue’s Women with a Cause cover. Moreaux, who graduated from LSU in 2020 with a degree in fine arts and a concentration in graphic design, works in both traditional and digital mediums to produce her unique style of art. She explains her cover imagery here:

“For this piece, I was really inspired by the collective ingenuity and trailblazing done by women, this year specifically, for our Baton Rouge community. We had so much thrown at us this year. A devastating hurricane, the continuation of a deadly global pandemic, and the ever-present erosion and pollution of the bayou landscape that defines Louisiana as a Sportsman’s Paradise. It truly took rallying the troops and working as a collective community to make it through, and dang, did the women in Baton Rouge do just that! 

The illustration flows through a broad representation of the foundations featured this year: It starts with illustrating Hurricane Ida relief and disaster relief, then goes to beautification efforts for our city, then moves to preserving and maintaining our amazing bayous and the ecosystem there, then finally concludes with the medical support and relief given to victims of COVID and other health concerns. 

I really liked the idea of a few women rallying a few more women, which turned into a whole ton of people to really face these challenges head on in creative and effective ways. The hands in the illustration represent the women in charge, but also the hundreds of people in our community who answered the call to serve and make a difference. The magnolia is, of course, our state flower, but also a symbol of the feminine energy that is so vibrant in all of the organizations featured. It is also a symbol of life, in the sense that all the hard work and hours spent doing the work really all amounted to a real, literal difference, and the addition of a new revitalized energy in our community. 

I draw a lot of my illustration style from folk art, the origins of which are rooted in storytelling and visual narrative. I thought that also tied in nicely to this theme, as I hope this piece reads as a narrative of all that happened this year—the good and the bad—and shows how a few amazing women-led causes had a ‘hand’ in it all!”

Hear Moreaux talk through the design in the video below.