Liam Williams explores Baton Rouge’s most recent winter wonderland. Photo by Kaela Roedehorst.

White Christmas this year? Let’s hear from an expert

For Capital City residents, the quintessential Christmas scene of snow-laden streets has always existed exclusively in the movies. Like something from a faraway land, the icy powder rarely finds its way to the neighborhoods that lie off Highland, Perkins, Acadian and more. Since the first recorded Baton Rouge snowfall in 1895, a white Christmas has never become a reality. Last year was one of the closest ever with three and a half inches on December 8. However, just two years prior in 2015, Christmas felt more like Easter, with temperatures reaching 83 degrees.

And according to WBRZ meteorologist Dr. Josh Eachus, this year is no more likely than any other to deliver a white landscape for Santa Claus and his reindeer.

“If I controlled the weather, it would snow every day,” remarks the Philadelphia native. “Ice and winter weather are more likely in January than December, especially considering that there have only been three measurable snow events in December in Baton Rouge’s recorded history. Based on the stats, it would be pretty ridiculous for me to predict snow.”

But don’t get upset with the good people who make the forecasts if this December 25 does bring the idyllic outcome after all.

“There are sometimes events like dustings, which are small amounts of snow that don’t collect enough to be recorded,” explains Eachus. “Right now, it is very difficult to know exactly what the weather will hold, but who wouldn’t love some snow.”