Photo courtesy Yoglates.

What to do this month: Try Yoglates at free, teacher-in-training classes

Just about everyone has a membership to a class-based fitness center these days. And for some, it’s more than a workout. It’s their entire personality.

Long-time Yoglates member Alexa Gutowski can relate. After years of taking classes, Gutowski decided to become a Yoglates instructor, and she’s currently in Yoglates’ 7-week teacher training course.

“We study how Yoglates works different parts of the body and practice traditional poses and techniques,” says Gutowski. “Everything we learn is then used in co-teaching weekly classes and offering free teacher-in-training classes.”

Alexa (and two other trainees) will be teaching free classes during the next two weeks to meet their training hour requirements. Trying a new workout studio for the first time can be, well, terrifying. But since many people opt to try out Yoglates through these free classes, you’re likely to be alongside someone who’s in the same boat.

“Every time I walk into the studio, I am amazed by the support and enthusiasm being shared all around,” says Gutowski. “It really makes a difference when you get to work out in a space with such positive energy.”

Classes can be booked through the Yoglates website or the studio’s app. However, the free classes will only last through the end of February.

“Our variety of classes and changing weekly routines keep it fun for everyone,” says Gutowski. “Besides the physical rewards, I have found that it also helps to keep me centered. Yoglates really does strengthen the mind and body.”