Another client gets the chilly treatment at Neubody. Photo by Riley Bienvenu.

We tried cryotherapy, Baton Rouge’s new ice-cold wellness trend

Stepping into the steaming Cryosauna chamber, I tried to fight back the butterflies collecting in my stomach. “Make sure to rub your arms and let me know if you are feeling uncomfortable,” explained Mario Tagle, owner and operator of Neubody, the cryotherapy and full-body rejuvenation spa that opened its doors just months ago in Perkins Rowe. The idea of subjecting my body to temperatures below -100 Celcius was frightening, especially considering my aversion to cold weather. However, I was intrigued by the benefits that had been laid out for me just minutes prior in the lobby.

“You will see a better nights sleep and some people have even said that it has reduced visible cellulite,” explained Tagle. “It also increases circulation and helps with any aches and pains you feel as a result of surgery, disorders or exercise.”

I had watched as the man before me (pictured above) calmly went into the chamber, chatting with Ashley, one of the friendly technicians. After his session, he showed me an X-ray picture of the screws that had been placed in his knee.

“He comes regularly,” said Tagle. “Cryotherapy helps with the recovery of injuries, and the cold does not affect things like metal screws because it only affects the outer layer of the skin.”

Now, standing in the freezing chamber wearing only scuba shoes and gloves, I was eager for the three-minute-long process to come to an end. I could feel my knees turning purple as I tried to focus completely on the conversation Tagle was attempting to conduct with me about the Houston Astros. And while I cannot remember anything I said on the subject, before I knew it, I was out of the cold and back in the plush robe that had been provided to me.

“Are you feeling okay? Does anything hurt?” asked Tagle. Apparently in my attempt to mask my anxiety, I had come across much too calm and quiet for someone being frozen. But while I felt cold, I did, in fact, feel perfectly fine. I could even sense my mood lifting as I pulled on the warm leggings I had been wearing prior to my trip into the sci-fi-esque Cryosauna. Walking to my car, I wondered if I would see the kind of the results I heard about from Tagle and the other clients since I don’t have any major aches, pains or disorders and I do little more in way of exercise than a weekly trip to Pilates. However, while my results may not have been profuse, I did feel as if my muscles had a pick-me-up. The following morning, I did not feel the exhaustion paired with shoulder tightness that I usually have the day after a workout. Instead I felt rested and ready for the day. And while cryotherapy may not become part of my weekly or monthly routine, for those with more significant physical concerns and issues, getting frozen might just be the hottest new trend.

To learn more about Neubody’s treatments, visit or stop by its location in Perkins Rowe.