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Toy story: Giggles talks the hottest gifts for kids of every age

If your kid isn’t dropping hints quite as hard as Ralphie Parker was about his Christmas dream of a Red Ryder carbine-action two-hundred-shot range model air rifle, this story is for you.

Longtime buyer and manager Whitney Coleman became the new owner of Giggles in August of this year. Since then, she has been working tirelessly with her team to assemble a winning Christmas lineup for local kids of all ages. From ride-on unicorns to remote control snakes, the options are endless. However, how do you know what to choose? Coleman gave us some go-to tips for picking the perfect gifts, as well as her recommendations for each age group. Read on for all the details:

1. Forget gender.

Toys are toys, no matter the color of the packaging. One of Coleman’s goals was to fill Giggles with toys that will speak to the interests of all kids. And while light-up roller skates and Carpool Karaoke microphones fit the bill, she also suggests thinking outside of the box when considering gift options. “Who says a girl won’t like a remote control snake,” she notes. “I think it’s a pretty cool gift for anyone.”

2. Don’t look at the age on the box.

Kids are more capable than corporate companies think they are. While the age suggestions can be a good jumping-off point, Coleman suggests reading the back of the box and deciding for yourself if your kid is capable. Things like blocks and remote control toys are often accessible to many ages and will even grow with the child.

3. Keep it simple.

“When in doubt, never go with a lot of pieces,” Coleman says. “Parents don’t want to have to deal with that.”

In addition, sometimes the best toys are the simplest–hence why packing boxes sometimes end up as the favorites on Christmas morning. Imagination is a child’s greatest asset, so choose toys that play to that, rather than over-complicating through endless directions and accessories.


  1. Color-changing bath unicorns, $20
  2. Roly poly koala, $20
  3. Spirit sidecar Philip, $30
  4. Starlight musical panda, $35
  5. Mirari piano, $30
  6. Ice cream teether, $15


  1. Suuuper size puzzle: My Body, $23
  2. Playviator, $20
  3. Christmas pajamas, $38
  4. Ride-on unicorn, $300
  5. Monkey Around game, $20
  6. Corolle babydoll, $40


  1. Ultimate unicorn baking set, $30
  2. What Do You Do With An Idea? book, $17
  3. Doodlematic mobile game maker, $30
  4. Mad Mattr, $13
  5. Playmobil space mission rocket with launch site, $80
  6. RC cobra, $25
  7. Calico Critters Persian cat family, $25


  1. Hair blinger, $30
  2. My Audio Pet bluetooth speaker penguin, $25
  3. Carpool Karaoke microphone, $60
  4. Icee machine (set with syrup and cups), $140
  5. Pulse light-up roller skates, $80
  6. My Robotic Pet: tumbling hedgehog, $40

For more gift ideas, check out Giggles’ holiday catalog here. Still don’t know what to get? Giggles also offers gift valet, in which the store’s team picks the gift for you. Learn more about that here.

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