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On the town: Rediscovering New Orleans with Alexa Pulitzer

Alexa Pulitzer. Photo courtesy Alexa Pulitzer.

Baton Rouge’s proximity to the Crescent City grants us special access to the five-star dining, unique shopping and the nearly constant festivities that go on there. We are experts of sorts, if just from afar. The space between us allows for New Orleans to maintain its magic, giving the city a little extra shine under the layers of Bourbon Street grime. However, even the most adventurous tourist is bound to get caught in a rut of frequenting the same places with the same drinks and the same people. How many times does one need to go to the Pat O’s piano bar before it has quite literally played itself out? 

With Mardi Gras festivities on the horizon, we’re determined to break the cycle. New Orleans artist, graphic designer and hostess extraordinaire Alexa Pulitzer is on a similar mission, with a goal to broaden the horizons of people both from and visiting her beloved New Orleans. She recently released am 11-page, comprehensive guide to everything to enjoy: from food to music to exercise.

“The key to really understanding New Orleans is getting out of the French Quarter and experiencing what the rest of us simply call ‘day to day life’ in other neighborhoods such as Uptown, Mid City, the West Bank, Esplanade, the Marigny, The Bywater, Treme and the 7th Ward,” Pulitzer writes in the guide’s introduction. “It’s a fascinating time to be here and to watch the city reach new potentials while keeping itself firmly grounded in its culinary and historic roots.”

Pulitzer even jokingly notes that she can provide Realtor and contractor information to any newly interested readers. All in all, her guide speaks to her personal love for her hometown, but also to the hospitality that has long defined our area. The sharing of recommendations is more than just a way to start conversation. It’s a means of enriching the lives of friends, neighbors and even just the passing acquaintance. By sharing, we are inviting people into our world and giving them the chance to take part and create even more connections. And if you ask us, that’s priceless.

Click here to read Pulitzer’s full guide. Comment down below your favorites and start the conversation.