[Sponsored] This year, ask Santa for what you REALLY want—a bathroom makeover

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Giving is what makes the holidays special while getting allows you to feel grateful. This year, why not ask for something you’ll enjoy for years to come? Whether it’s the little powder room, the guest bath or the master suite, it’s amazing what an impact even small projects can have. Upgrading a bathroom helps to create a more relaxing and serene environment in a home and often increases the value.

Kate Lambert from Stone and Cloth shared one of their recent projects with us. The owner had created a lovely cottage charm throughout the home, but the bathrooms just didn’t make sense. It was a hodgepodge of decades—1950’s wall tile, fluorescent lighting, a giant 80’s mirror wall and molded clamshell basins. The pre-fab shower with older fixtures was far from a relaxing spa experience. Stone and Cloth created a totally fresh space that somehow felt original to the sweet cottage house. Take a look at the before and after—a stunning transformation with custom features that make it beautiful and functional.

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—Update counter, sink and shower

—New tile on floor and in shower

—Fresh lighting

—Replace mirror wall with functional new storage space.

—Blend the client’s cottage style to connect the space.




The tile, used in both spaces, is a gorgeous marble mosaic tile—looks like hand-laid tile but actually comes in sheets for easy installation.




Powder room


—Update counter and sink fixtures.

—Install new tile on the floor but nix the wall tile.

—Connect the overall cottage style.